Research Dissemination and Translation

Creating, sharing, and using your research.

Why is it so important to think about what happens to research and how it is used?

Well here are 9 good reasons why it matters:

  1. As a researcher you have been working for months, or possibly years, to find out something new in your topic area and you want your findings to be used and make a difference.
  2. You want to get recognition for your work.
  3. What you have found in your study could make a difference to the way patients are treated or looked after.
  4. Sharing research findings makes a difference to our understanding of different conditions and treatments.
  5. What you have found in your study might change guidance or policy or influence training.
  6. Research needs to be closer to those who will use and benefit from the findings.
  7. Sharing findings with patients, service users, and the public can bring a new understanding of your research and new ideas.
  8. A lot of health research uses public funds, so we have a responsibility to show patients and the public how we are using the funding.
  9. Sharing research findings and knowledge is the right thing to do!

To help researchers make the most of their research, translate it into practice, policy, guidance, and education, we have created a short video and these guides and resources:

Link from this through to next page where the guides can be accessed plus link to explainer video HSELand training when available. Click here