About Research and Development

Research and Development is a new HSE function. It has been set up to develop a framework for governance, support and strategic direction for health research, to enable existing activity and to grow future research activity within the public health service. The ultimate aim is to foster the translation of research into policy and practice, to embed evidence-based practice within service delivery in order to improve the quality of health and social care services and the health and wellbeing of our patients and the population.

HSE Research and Development, together with the HSE Health Library Ireland, constitute the newly established HSE Research and Evidence, the objective of which is to make knowledge work for health.

The HSE Action Plan for Research

The HSE Action Plan for Health Research 2019-2029 was launched by HSE CEO Paul Read in December 2019 and has the full support of the Department of Health. This plan aims to put in place the building blocks within the Health Service that will enable research and innovation to integrate with healthcare delivery and to grow in a sustainable manner.

HSE Research and Development Aims

  • Implement the HSE Action Plan for Research
  • Develop and implement a robust governance framework for research activity.
  • Support the creation of the necessary research support and management infrastructure.
  • Build research capacity to enable the sustainable growth of research activity.
  • Implement institutional measures to facilitate the translation of research and innovation into policy and practice.
  • Support and promote the involvement of patients and the public in all levels of research activity.
  • Establish strong collaborative working relationships with key stakeholders.