HSE Research and Development Publications

HSE framework for the Governance, Management and Support of Research (2021). This framework provides the foundation principles of governance and management of research activity for health services. It is required to enable appropriate and proportionate oversight of research activity and to ensure that the rights, dignity, safety and wellbeing of all those involved are protected.

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HSE Action Plan for Health Research 2019-2029  (December 2019). This plan is a pragmatic roadmap to embed a culture of research, evidence based practice and innovation in the health service so that research becomes a critical enabler of health service delivery.

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Governance of Research in the HSE and HSE funded healthcare services. A Scoping Report  (January 2019). This report provides a high level review of the existing research governance arrangements for research in the HSE and HSE funded service and provides recommendations to address identified gaps.

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Research Activity in the HSE and its funded organisations (January 2019).
This report represents the first attempt to benchmark the research activity within the public health and social care services in Ireland.

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