Research Dissemination and Translation

We use the term knowledge translation to talk about how we use research knowledge.

In HSE, we define knowledge translationas the process involved in reducing the gap between research and practice and making sure effective innovations are used in policy and practice. It is about finding, creating, sharing, and using knowledge, and is an interactive process between those who create knowledge and those who use it.

Links to guides:

Link to explainer video

Link to HSELand training modules – available July 2021


Avoid wasted research

Did you know that 85% of research is wasted? The reasons for that can be because it does not reach the people who can benefit from it. Sometimes is not published, does not ask the right questions, or use the right methods, and does not involve those who might be able to use it.

Let’s make sure we find, create, share and use our research knowledge to benefit those who need it.