Health Research Consent Declaration Committee Statement

 The Health Research Consent Declaration Committee (HRCDC) is acutely aware of the serious health risks and immediate challenges that are associated with COVID-19. The HRCDC recognises that health research studies on COVID-19 are a matter of national and international importance and are urgently required to provide a full understanding of the novel coronavirus and to fast track development of vaccines, diagnostics and treatments. That is also the view of the Department of Health. Accordingly, in order to facilitate and expedite research studies in COVID-19 related research areas that may require a consent declaration, the HRCDC wish to advise researchers that it is putting in place arrangements to enable it to consider applications as a matter of urgency and to make decisions on those applications as quickly as possible. Applications relating to COVID-19 do not have to wait until a scheduled HRCDC, but will be dealt with as above. If it is considered by researchers that a consent declaration may be required for urgent COVID-19 research studies, researchers are advised to immediately contact the Secretariat who will work with applicants to facilitate an expedited review by the HRCDC;

Integrated Consent Declaration process with the National REC for COVID-19 Health Research (11.04. 2020 UPDATE)

The Department of Health have established a National Research Ethics Committee for all COVID-19 related health research. Researchers can now apply for ethics approval and a consent declaration for COVID-19 related research, through an integrated review process between the National Research Ethics Committee for COVID-19 and the HRCDC. More information can be viewed here